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What We can do for you

We have assembled an exceptional team of technolgy and management professionals to provide the best service to our clients. We cover the compete gamut of services starting from requirements gathering to network design, architecture, capacity planning and operations support. By following industry best practices we succeed in compeleting projects successfully within budget and on time.

Please contact us to get additional information about our service offerings and list of completed projects.

Unified Communications

Comptel, Inc. has been providing services in the area of telecommunications for more than 20 years. Our teams have worked on designing and developing router and switches for cellular, terrestrial and satellite links. We have worked with cable operators to integrate their equipment from multitude of vendors. With the convergence of voice, video and data, we are more than ready to help our clients with developing and deploying these technologies. We are currently providing consulting to a US carrier and a DoD agency to succeed in implementing, integrating, testing and operating large converged services networks.

We are vendor neutral and have experience with equipment from Oracle (SBC, OCOM), Cisco Systems (CUCM, Prime), Ribbon Communications (SBC and RibbonProtect), Avaya (Softswitch, media gateways) and RTMI (SwitchExpert)

Our experience with enterprise wide conferencing solutions includes vendors like Avaya and Compunetix.

Network Engineering Services

We provide network architecture, design and performance; technology studies and recommendations; and Technical Project Management. We have developed a long track record of resolving network performance issue. We have experience with NetScout, Riverbed, SolarWinds and Splunk. Our experience with large enterprise networks gives us an insight that we helps us in quick resolution of network performance issues.

Comptel, Inc. is also at the forefront of new networking technologies. We have utilized Mininet to create an experimental test bed for Software Defined Networking (SDN) and have been involved with studies focused on Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

Performance Engineering

Comptel, Inc. boasts of more than 20 years of experience in working in the area of end-to-end performance engineering. We are adept at open source products like Wireshark, as well as those from major commercial vendors like Netscout, Riverbed and SolarWinds. We take a holistic approach to performance engineering that can include data capture, human in the loop tests, and modeling and simulation. Our expertise covers performance measurements and analysis at application, systems and network layers.

DoD C&A Consulting

Comptel, Inc. has consulted for C&A process and obtaining ATO’s for several devices using DITSCAP, DIACAP and Risk Management Framework. Comptel personnel have expertise with most DoD tools like eMass, VMS and ACAS.

Custom Software Development

Comptel, Inc. has an established track record for undertaking and completing successfully custom software development projects for financial, telecom, insurance, manufacturing and not-for-profit verticals. Comptel, Inc. follows industry best practices and standard methodologies (Agile, DevOps) to execute software development projects covering complete engagement life cycle starting from requirements development to acceptance test and customer training.

Having worked with some of the biggest names in Telecom industry (Cisco, Lucent, TI, Hughes, Alcatel etc.), Comptel, Inc. boasts of a proven track record in providing software development services in telecommunications arena.

Cyber Security

Security is an integral part of any networking solution, application development and integration effort. It has to designed-in and not afterthought. Comptel, Inc. has experience with various intrusion detection, intrusion prevention and scanning solutions from different vendors. In addition, Comptel, Inc.’s experience with full packet capture monitoring vendors, and Big Data analysis positions it to provide consulting for forensic analysis of data as well.

Technical Project Management

The challenges of managing large scale Unified Communications design, deployment and operations require a combination of technical and project management skills. Comptel, Inc. has proven time and again that it possesses what it takes to meet these challenges. Our Technical Project Management team is ready to assist our clients to develop, deploy and maintain highly reliable, secure and scalable networks.