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Come Join Comptel Team

At Comptel we believe in Better People Better Solutions. We get the best people and nurture an environment that helps them do their best. Comptel recognizes its employees as its major asset and believes in continuously introducing employee oriented initiatives.

Comptel, Inc. is frequently hiring the right talent for the following positions. We generally look for employees for mid to senior level positions. Please email your resume in complete confidence to hr@comptelinc.com.

VoIP Performance Engineer

The job requires assisting with design and optimization of global VoIP based network using Riverbed tools. Potential candidates should have established track record in network engineering and a minimum BS degree. Knowledge of VoIP technologies (SIP, MGCP, QoS etc.) is a must. Candidates should also have experience using Riverbed tools for network design, or similar tools. U.S. citizenship is a must.

Network Engineer

Expertise in telecom protocols, wireless networks & security, routing algorithms, IP Multimedia architecture & telecom signaling.

VoIP Network Engineer

VoIP protocols (SIP,MGCP,H.323), SS7, ISDN, CAS, IPv6, L2/L3 protocols, IP Packet Captures, SNMP concepts, Windows, Linux kbowledge. Experience with VoIP specific products like SBC (Ribbon Communications, Oracel SBC), gateways, SIP monitors etc.

Database Administrator

Must have good understanding of Windows and Linux opertaing systems, LAMP or WAMP architecture, must be willing to undertake duties and learn about all aspects of a database application that include database design, fine tuning, basic front end developement, development of stored programs, developing of automation shell scripts.

Technical Project Manager

PMP certification is preferred. The job requires a good undertanding of network engineering encompassing voice, video and data. May be required to comtribute to large scale deploymnets of enterprise to carrier grade networks.