Corporate Information


The Internet has radically changed the way business is conducted and the technologies surrounding the Internet continue to evolve every day. This technology revolution impacts the way a business interacts with its customers, personnel and suppliers.     

But, what is the right answer? What technologies should a business implement? How long will those technologies be viable in the accelerating pace associated with technology change? And, how does a business find the appropriate professional resources to ensure that they cruise the Internet superhighway as opposed to being left by the side of the road?   

Our vision at Comptel is to be a company that interacts with client companies in an extraordinarily intimate and knowledgeable fashion. We seek to understand the client’s needs, and realize that often times, different resources or solutions may be warranted to ensure the success of the technology endeavor. In that way, client companies are not left to sift through mounds of papers or ponder multiple alternative solutions but, instead, obtain the right answer the first time.

In the seven years we have been in business, Comptel has never had an unsuccessful client relationship ……never! All technology resources and development solutions have met or exceeded the requirements of the client.