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Message from the Founder

I had the opportunity to work for several years with many of the larger, more mature firms. My function was to lead the technology initiatives for the company and ensure that the completed projects met or exceeded the needs of the internal users.

The most enlightening aspect of my tenure with these firms was the opportunity to see how poorly technology resource firms did with regard to quality of application, knowledge of specific technology need, and flexibility to modify working arrangements to accommodate changes in project scope.

I founded Comptel, Inc. for essentially two reasons.

First, I wanted to provide a high-quality technology resource for those companies whose business success was predicated on providing the right solution the first time.

Second, I wanted to create an environment that ensured that client needs were paramount to my business success. Poor choices by me would only translate to poor results for the client. It is also my utmost belief that people are an integral and a critical component of any technological solution, no matter how advanced the technology. Having right people on board and nurturing them as the technology advances would be my top priority.

The result Comptel, Inc. Comptel, Inc. brings better people, better solutions to our clients.

Manu Khanna

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